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Trial change to Solihull Connect operating hours

Solihull Connect, the customer services department for Solihull Council, will be trialling changes to its operating hours.

This is in response to a change in customer demand and ensuring people can access services when they need to.

Councillor Alison Rolf, Cabinet Member for Safer & Stronger Communities, requested the trial at her decision making session on 29 May. She said:

“We are continually looking at how we can make our services more efficient and meet customer demand. On some days very few people visit our walk-in centres and also at the start and end of the day, our contact centre is under-utilised with just a few phone calls per hour.

“People are moving towards self-serve facilities and digital methods to access the information they need, therefore we need to make sure our resources are used in the most efficient way to meet the needs of our residents.”

During the trial Solihull Connect will be gathering feedback from people, which will help inform the future of the service.

Councillor Rolf added: “While the majority of residents choose to contact us digitally or use the self-serve machines, there are some that still like to talk to an advisor in person or over the phone and this cannot be undervalued. We will be asking their views about the change to operating hours and ensuring they are considered when making a final decision about the future of the service.”

It is important to note that the out-of-hours emergency contact will not be affected and services required outside of the revised operating hours will be available for self-service digitally.

The changes come into effect from Saturday 3 August and full details can be found at

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