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Trees to be treated at Elmdon Park and Rowood Drive

Solihull Council has been advised by the Forestry Commission that a small number of oak trees recently supplied and planted by a contractor in Elmdon Park and along Rowood Drive have shown the presence of Oak Processionary Moth.

Work must be carried out by end of Tuesday 16th July. Experts wearing protective clothing and supervised by staff from Solihull Council will be at the two sites treating the trees.

The Forestry Commission have notified us that the affected trees should be sprayed with an approved insecticide, as the caterpillars of this moth species are a pest that strip the oaks of their leaves, and they have also been known to affect people and animals.

This pesticide is not harmful to anything other than the caterpillars, but people are advised to keep away from the work area during this time in order for us to deal with this issue quickly.

No other tree species are affected by the moths. Any oak trees that are removed will be replaced in the next planting season. The contractor will meet the cost of this work.

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