COVID-19 postcode checker: Which tier are you in? Find out the rules in your area

England’s strengthened three-tier lockdown system will come into force when the country’s lockdown ends on 2 December.

Vast swathes of the country have been placed in Tiers 2 and 3, with just 1% of the population (709,748 people) in Tier 1.

Search your area on this map to find out which tier you are in and scroll down to enter your postcode to find out what the restrictions are:

Type your postcode into the blue box to find out the restrictions in your area:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised that the tier allocations will be reviewed on 16 December.

In a bid to soften the blow for Tier 3 areas, ministers are promising them access to rapid-result COVID-19 tests to help bring down infections, as well as cash subsidies.

Extra cash will also be on offer to areas placed into Tier 2 and Tier 3.

Scotland has its own four-tier system, while Northern Ireland is in a two week circuit breaker from 27 November to 11 December, and Wales has nationwide rules.

All four UK nations have agreed on a Christmas bubble system from 23-27 December.

Methodology: In order to compare restrictions in all the UK nations, Sky News has grouped areas based on the common core factors currently in place.

The tier systems in England and Scotland are different. Wales and Northern Ireland have not announced a tier system and they are currently applying restrictions nationally, unless they specify extra restrictions in some local areas.

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