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Video obtained by Sky News appears to confirm a preliminary report into a Pakistani airline crash, which says the plane scraped the runway several times during the pilot’s attempt to land.

The CCTV footage shows three long burn marks at approximately 4,500ft, 5,500ft and 7,000ft along the runway.

According to a preliminary investigation, Pakistan International Airways Flight 8303 scraped the runway three times during its first attempt to land at Karachi International Airport on Friday.

The ill-fated Airbus A-320 crash-landed into a densely-populated area close to the city’s airport – killing 97 passengers, with two miraculously surviving.

Other CCTV from the ground shows the plane coming down at speed before a fireball erupts, and another clip – filmed from a passing plane – shows smoke billowing from the crash site.

The preliminary report into the accident says the pilot reported that the landing gear had failed to function, and – just before his mayday call – later that the engines had failed.

Audio of his exchanges with the air traffic controller reveal that he had just been given permission to make a “belly” landing and had been told that the runway was clear.

The report has found that the aircraft briefly touched down on the runway before pulling up again, which backs up comments from one of the survivors.

Engineer Mohammad Zubair told Pakistani TV station Geo News that the pilot came down to land and briefly touched down before then pulling up again.

Speaking from hospital, Mr Zubair said that the pilot announced he was going to make a second try shortly before the plane crashed.

Describing what it was like as he tried to escape, Mr Zubair said: “I could hear screams from all directions. Kids and adults. All I could see was fire. I couldn’t see any people – just hear their screams.”

The report says that on its first approach, the jet’s engines touched the runway three times as it attempted to land, causing friction and sparks.

Some white material, possibly debris, can also be seen in the footage obtained by Sky News.

Sources say it is part of the plane, but Sky News has not been able to independently verify this.

There are no signs the belly of the plane touched the runway.

According to the report, the plane was observed “crossing threshold” at 2.34pm local time.

One minute later, the pilot said he was “going around” and asked for a new approach.

Controllers asked him to maintain 3,000ft , which he did “initially” before he was “observed descending again”.

He then requested to maintain a height of 2,000ft, but was observed “continuously descending”.

At that point, the report says: “On query, pilot reported both engines failed (power loss) and made mayday call.”

The report says the pilot did not relate any emergency or technical malfunction to controllers on its first approach.

It was only when it approached for a second time that the cockpit reported a problem with the landing gear.

In audio of the communication between the pilot and the ground, controllers can be heard saying: “8303, you are showing 1800 (feet) and descending.”

The pilot replies: “Sir, copied sir, we are now trying to maintain, sir.”

In the final exchange, the pilot is heard saying: “We are proceeding direct, we have lost both engines.”

The controller says: “Confirm you are carrying out belly landing. Runways available to land at 25.”

Ten seconds later, the pilot is heard saying: “Mayday, mayday, mayday Pakistan 8303.”

In what is the final communication, the controller responds with: “Roger, you have both runways available to land.”

The preliminary report suggests that “by abrading the runway, the engine’s oil tank and fuel pump may have been damaged – preventing the aircraft from achieving the required thrust and speed”.

Investigators are expected to look into the actions of the pilot and the air traffic controllers in what is one of the worst aviation accidents in Pakistan’s history.

The federal government has appointed a four-member team for the probe, including a Pakistan Air Force officer and three from the Aircraft Accident and Investigation Board.

The government has also reportedly allowed an 11-member Airbus team to independently investigate the crash, taking the plane’s engine and black box to France.

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