Judge Rinder: From reality TV judge to male model (yes, really)

Robert Rinder has picked up an unlikely job offer during lockdown – that of male model.

The TV judge and criminal barrister has been unable to carry on his regular TV day job of six years due to coronavirus social distancing measures.

The 41-year-old tells Sky News he’s missing filming Judge Rinder, but the production team is busy working on ways to make the courtroom reality show safe for filming.

He said: “Plans are afoot as quickly as possible, subject of course to government guidelines to make us well, to make a courtroom achievable and safe.

“It’s safety first, naturally, but I really do miss it terribly.”

With lockdown restrictions now preparing to relax, production companies around the country are all adapting their shoots in a bid to get back to work.

Big soaps including Coronation Street and EastEnders have both confirmed they will begin filming again in just a matter of weeks.

While stuck at home, Rinder says he has been giving free legal advice to those in need.

The barrister, who studied politics and modern history at university, jokes that he has no other transferable skills to offer.

However, as well as his voluntary work, an unexpected modelling opportunity has opened up for the reality star.

Rinder will be the celebrity sitter for Sky Arts’ live paint-along this weekend, spending four hours posing in his home for artists around the world to draw.

A live, interactive project, Portrait Artist Of The Week is hosted by Joan Bakewell and has attracted participants from around the world.

His four-hour sitting session will be broadcast live on the Sky TV Facebook page this Sunday from 10am.

Led by a former Portrait Artist Of The Year winner, artists at home can submit their final portrait to the judges through social media using the hashtag #MYPAOTW.

Judges Tai Shan Schierenberg, Kathleen Soriano, and Kate Bryan will highlight their favourites each week.

Rinder says he can’t wait to be part of the show: “This is a hugely exciting because I’m about the biggest art geek and bore and a passionate admirer.

“In fact, my favourite show is Portrait Artist of the Year. And of course, they were due to have the series this time, but they were unable to do it.

“I’m not going to say it’s even better, but there’s an even greater opportunity now because people can join in.

“And this week people have got the dubious challenge of painting me!”

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Former celebrity sitters include dancer and choreographer Akram Khan, academic and author Bernardine Evaristo and photographer Rankin.

A highlights programme featuring all the celebrity sitters and some of the best work will be shown on Sky Arts at the end of the series.

Portrait Artist Of The Week starts at 10am on Sunday 17 May.

(c) Sky News 2020: Judge Rinder: From reality TV judge to male model (yes, really)


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