Coronavirus: Woman, 90, smashes fundraising target for NHS by ‘climbing a mountain’ on stairs

As Captain Tom Moore, 99, continues to receive donations for his record-breaking garden walk, another nonagenarian has smashed her own fundraising target to help the NHS.

On Thursday, Mr Moore completed his challenge of walking 25m lengths of his family’s garden in Bedfordshire to mark his 100th birthday on 30 April.

The war veteran originally set out to raise £1,000 – but donations have now passed £18m.

A spokesperson for the prime minister has said he will “certainly be looking at ways to recognise Tom for his heroic efforts”, after a petition for him to be knighted received more than 500,000 signatures.

Now, Margaret Payne, 90, has surpassed her hopes of hitting £10,000 as she attempts to climb the equivalent of a Scottish mountain on her stairs.

She says she started her challenge on Easter Sunday and thinks it will take her several weeks to complete.

In a post on her fundraising page, she said: “I am planning to climb the equivalent of Suilven, 2,398 feet.

“That’s 17 stairs, a flight being eight and a half feet each time – 282 times total is my challenge.

“I think it is going to take me about two months!”

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Margaret’s revealed she first climbed Suilven in 1944 during World War Two, when she was 15, with her sister Elizabeth.

She says she wants to raise money for the NHS and Highland Hospice in return for their support over the years, including for her husband Jim, who died on Christmas Day last year.

She added: “I have now lived in the Highlands for over 40 years and I would like to raise funds to support the NHS in particular at this difficult time and especially in return for the extraordinary support we have received personally at Ardvar.

“In addition, we are giving some support to the Highland Hospice.”

As of Friday afternoon, Margaret has raised almost £90,000.

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