Khalid Seneen Yousef

Man found not guilty of murder due to insanity following friend’s death

A man has today (Thursday 13 September) been found not guilty of the murder of his friend due to insanity.

Khalid Seneen Yousef, aged 28, was beheaded at Paddy Power Bookmakers in Handsworth on Thursday 4 January.

Hassan Mustafa, 36, who was on trial for Khalid’s murder, was friends with him for years and they had previously lived together.

On the day Khalid was killed, a fight broke out between the pair outside the bookmakers after they had gone outside to smoke.

Khalid, attempting to get away ran back into the bookmakers where another fight broke out. He was stabbed multiple times and decapitated.

Today a jury at Birmingham Crown Court found Hassan Mustafa not guilty of murder due to insanity as per section 5 of the 1964 Insanity Act.

Mustafa was given a hospital order with an attached restriction order to the effect that he cannot be released back into the community without the authorisation of the Secretary of State.

Detective Inspector Jim Colclough, from the force’s Homicide Unit, said: “This was a horrific and unprovoked attack on a young man who had his whole life ahead of him.

“I would like to thank the staff at Paddy Power for their brave actions, I can’t imagine how terrified they were. Our thoughts also remain with Khalid’s family at this difficult time.”

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