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Breaking The Code

October 12, 2018 @ 7:45 pm
The Crescent Theatre
20 Sheepcote Street
Brindleyplace, Birmingham
B16 8AE
The Crescent Theatre
0121 643 5858
Breaking The Code @ The Crescent Theatre

Moving back and forth in time, Whitemore’s play charts the life of the brilliant young mathematician, Alan Turing. His work at Bletchley Park in breaking the German ‘Enigma Code’ indisputably changed the course of the Second World War; after the war his pioneering work on computer science continued – earning him the title of ‘The Father of Modern Computing’.

The play intertwines key moments of Turing’s work with episodes in his private life – a life suddenly made humiliatingly public. Having made little attempt to disguise his sexuality, Turing was convicted on the criminal charge of ‘gross indecency’.

A compassionate, amusing and ultimately tragic play!

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